Whether you're preparing to breastfeed, planning to pump milk, or simply exploring the options for feeding your newborn, our classes can help you feel confident and ready to meet your goals.

Pumping, Milk Storage and Going Back to Work
This class is suitable to anyone who is anticipating the need to pump and store milk; not only parents who are returning to work in an office. This class covers topics including:

  • Pumps and equipment
  • Milk storage supplies
  • Storing, refrigeration and freezing milk
  • Where and when to pump
  • When to start pumping
  • Getting ready to be away from your baby
  • Paced bottle feeding

Feeding Choices for Gestational and Non-gestational parents
Breast or bottle? Come explore the world of infant feeding. This guided conversation is  perfect for families who want to learn more about their choices, and to discuss comfort levels about various feeding options. If you are a single parent, we encourage you to bring a trusted person with whom to discuss your feelings. You are also welcome to come solo. This class is geared toward adoptive parents, same sex and queer-identified parents, single parents, non-nuclear families, people who have had breast surgery, and anyone who wants more information about the diversity of infant feeding options. This class offers information about:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Donated human milk
  • Formula
  • At chest/breast supplemental systems
  • Introduction to inducing lactation

Lactation Basics for Doulas
This class is designed to fulfill the certification requirement for doulas, or for any birthworker who wants more information about breastfeeding basics to offer better support for their clients. Taught by Victoria Facelli, IBCLC and North Carolina State Lactation Educator. This class covers topics including:

  • Milk production 101
  • Milk storage 101
  • Paced bottle feeding
  • Latch
  • Supporting breastfeeding mothers
  • When to refer to a care provider
  • Counseling and support through breastfeeding challenges