After you've grown and nourished your baby, allow your placenta to continue to take care of you and encourage a smooth transition between pregnancy and postpartum. Placenta capsules help new mothers balance hormones following birth, decrease their bleeding, decrease their risk for postpartum mood disorders, increase their energy in the early days of motherhood and promote healthy breastmilk production. 

We provide several options for placenta services, all offered from the convenience and safety of your own home. Growing research is indicating the value and importance of protecting the microbiome of both mother and child. By offering placenta services from your own kitchen, you can be sure this important and special organ is handled with the upmost care and safety standards in mind.

All services include: one in-person consultation to talk through the options and decide on which method is best for you, a comprehensive guide and supplies for discreet transport and storing your placenta after birth, and services provided within 24 hours following your arrival home from your place of birth. All encapsulation packages include a complimentary placenta print and 6 ounces of placenta tincture (if requested).

Raw Method Encapsulation ($325): Enjoy the full hormonal benefits and potency of your placenta, without steaming or heating prior to dehydration. This is a great option for mothers who are anticipating the need for a burst of initial energy in the earliest days of postpartum. This method typically yields the highest number of capsules.

Basic Heated (TCMi) Method Encapsulation ($325): This method incorporates inspiration from the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of gently heating and steaming your placenta with fresh ginger, peppers and lemon prior to dehydration, which promotes gentle healing and warming from within. This option is best for mothers anticipating any postpartum mood disorders or who have a history of depression and/or anxiety. 

Raw/TCMi Combination ($325): Combine the benefits of both methods! This option allows you to obtain the gentle hormone stabilization of the TCMi Method capsules during the first few days after following birth. Later, you can access the energy-burst available in the Raw Method Capsules when you're ready to get back into your routine. 

Placenta Print ($30, if not encapsulating): Long after your capsules have been consumed, a beautiful placenta print provides a way to remember all that this powerful organ did for you and your newborn. Using food-safe dye or blood alone, a print of your placenta is made on watercolor paper prior to encapsulation. 

Placenta Tincture ($20, if not encapsulating): This option, which has an indefinite shelf life, if stored in a cool, dark place, allows you to enjoy the hormone-stabilizing benefits of your placenta well beyond your capsules and is especially helpful when experiencing your first postpartum menstrual cycle or early menopausal symptoms. A few drops under your tongue, or mixed into a beverage, will provide you with the benefits of your placenta for years to come.

Our expertly trained Placenta Specialists uphold the highest standards for cleanliness, professionalism, and sanitation. All of our Placenta Specialists are certified in infection and blood-borne pathogen controls and safe food-handling standards. You are always invited to observe and ask questions as your placenta is processed!