Emerald Doulas offers a variety of yoga classes for nearly any stage of parenthood. Whether you're just beginning your yoga journey or hoping to continue it throughout pregnancy and postpartum, we've got a class to meet a variety of needs. 

At this time all of our yoga classes are on break. Prenatal Yoga classes will resume in February as a 4-week series by pre-registration only. Check back in January for Open Registration.

Prenatal Yoga

Looking for a place to prepare your body and your mind for birth? Prenatal yoga class for all stages of pregnancy and experience levels.  Join a community of moms* who share joys and challenges like yours.  Each class will guide you to move in a safe way that helps you connect with your breath, your baby, and your pregnancy.  You will find relaxation and strength in this practice as you prepare for your birthing journey and begin to build community with other expectant mothers in each session.

Baby and Me Yoga

Have the best of both worlds! Focus on your own wellness and health while bonding with your baby at the same time. Baby and Me Yoga is a fun, no-stress and sweet opportunity to do just that! Instructors will lead the group through a series of strength-building and relaxing poses that foster a connection with your newborn. This class is suited for all fitness levels and is open to all parents (or caregivers) with babies who are not yet mobile (or who are willing to be worn through class if needed). 

Gentle Postpartum Yoga

Birth and motherhood can be taxing on a body. Our Gentle Postpartum Yoga class is a safe, restorative space to get back into a health and wellness routine that feels just right for you after the process of growing and nurturing your baby. Join other new mothers* who are in the earliest days of postpartum, and some who are further out from their birth experiences. This class is suited for all levels and stages of the postpartum recovery process and is a chance for mothers to focus on themselves (babies are encouraged to remain at home).

Gentle Postpartum Yoga is offered as a special workshop, taught throughout the year. Please check back for an updated list of times and dates. 

*All of our groups, classes and offerings are LGBTQ affirmative. Our mother-specific classes are open to those who identify as female.