Combining personalized babywearing advice, at the convenience of your schedule, Emerald Doulas co-owner and Babywearing Consult, Ashley Collins is proud to offer parents private consultations to help them carry their baby with confidence and style. Ashley is a trained babywearing consultant through the Center for Babywearing Studies, and an experienced postpartum doula who has guided many parents through the abundant baby carrier options available today, to help find the perfect fit for their family and their goals.

Appointments for Private Consultations can be made by calling: (919) 864-8361.

Private Consultations ($80/couple in-office, $100/couple in-home + $25 for grandparent or other care giver to join): Private Consultations are 90-minutes long, and allow you to learn about hip and spine development of your baby as it relates to baby wearing, and how to wear your baby safely. We’ll discuss and demo a wide variety of carriers, eventually guiding you to a choice of carrier or carriers that meet your goals for baby wearing. Ideal for pregnant families or families who are new to babywearing with an infant under 6 months old.

Older Baby and Follow-Up Consultations ($50/family who have previously purchased a private consultation, $75/couple for new families): You’re baby has grown, and so have your babywearing goals! In these 60-minute consultations, you’ll explore baby wearing options for your older baby or toddler that meet your needs, and are comfortable for you, and your child. You’ll explore hip and back carries, and try on carriers that allow your baby to explore the world around them while still being close to you. All appointments are available in-office.

Learn How to Use Your Carrier ($50/couple in-office, $75/couple in-home, +25 for a grandparents or other care giver to join): Already have a carrier? Learn how to use it safely and confidently! During this 45-minute private consultation, you’ll learn how to fully utilize your carrier for front, hip, and back carries (as appropriate for your baby’s age). Please note: that this appointment includes instruction for only one carrier per appointment. Follow-up appointments are available to explore other options.

All private babywearing consultations also include a complimentary 10-minute "Fit Check" within three months of your consultation to ensure you and your baby are comfortable and safe as you explore babywearing together.