Birth is such an exciting time for your entire family, but especially for your soon-to-be big brothers and sisters. For older children eager to welcome your newborn into your family, our Becoming Big Siblings Prep class offers a time exclusively for them! This workshop provides a chance for you to talk about the specialness of being promoted to a big brother or sister, with the guidance and support of long-time sibling doula and Emerald Doulas co-founder, Ashley Collins.

Your children will learn ways to be helpful for their new baby and you, through books, songs, crafts and role-playing with dolls. We’ll also talk honestly about the frustrations and challenges that having a new baby might bring and what you as parents can do to support your older children through this big transition. If desired, we also gently discuss your family’s plans and schedule for the new baby’s birthday so that there are no surprises for anyone on the Big Day. 

Sign-up below for your choice of upcoming class dates. The registration fee includes all siblings in a family! We can't wait to meet you!