Welcoming a new baby is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming time in your lives. Emerald Doulas understands this, and is here to help as you navigate the options and figure out what works best for your family. 

From the moment you become a client, your well-matched, experienced doula team goes on-call for you, providing unbiased, continual support and reassurance until after your birth. Because your primary doulas are backed by the consistency of the agency model, there are no unknown back-up doulas.

This means there are no unfamiliar faces in the moments when you need support the most, and the sense of community established in pregnancy is maintained throughout your birth and beyond.

While no two doula-client relationships are the same, all Birth Doula clients receive:

  • Invitations to our monthly Community Prenatal Meetings

  • A private, in-home meeting with your primary doula team at 36 weeks

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Unlimited in-person support during labor

  • Support immediately following birth

  • Check-in from your birth doula team within 24 hours of birth

  • A phone check-in from our Infant Feeding and Lactation team within the first few days of birth,; ensuring feeding is off to good start or to make a plan for additional support, as needed

  • An in-person postpartum follow-up visit with your birth doula team in your home

  • A phone check-in with our postpartum doula team to answer any newborn or recovery related questions, or to line up postpartum doula care, if requested

  • Ongoing invitations to participate in our New Parent Support Groups, Hangouts, and Online Support Community

Birth Doula support is offered at $1200.

Want complete support
before baby & beyond?

Our comprehensive Emerald Package helps you establish a cornerstone for a restorative and luxurious welcome to Parenthood. With lasting benefits for your entire family, the Emerald Package provides: Birth Doula Support, 24 hours of Postpartum Doula Care, and your choice of Placenta Services or a Lactation Package.