Are you a birth professional hoping to expand your knowledge in your support of your clients? Emerald Doulas offers a variety of trainings for doulas, childbirth educators, care providers, and other birth professionals. From lactation and infant feeding to rebozo knowledge, our classes provide a unique chance to broaden your offerings and skills, earn Continuing Education credits, and learn from our team of experts. 

Lactation Basics for Doulas

Working towards certification as a birth professional? Hoping to build your breastfeeding support skills as a doula?

Learn how to give excellent breastfeeding care to new families with Victoria Facelli, IBCLC and North Carolina State Lactation Educator. This class focuses on understanding a families breastfeeding goals, supporting families and knowing when to refer to a medical professional.

It satisfies the requirement for doula certification through DONA International and offers 3 Continuing Education Units through ICEA. Specific topics covered include:

  • Milk production 101
  • Milk storage 101
  • Paced bottle feeding
  • Latch
  • Supporting breastfeeding mothers
  • When to refer to a care provider
  • Counseling and support through breastfeeding challenges

Rebozo for the Birth Professional

There has been a buzz recently in the birth community about the rebozo, bringing with it a growing library of techniques to use with expectant couples. It is a living tradition that is passed on from one family to the next; who then shares it with the people in their world. Doulas love the rebozo because it is the tool in their birth bag that creates an event. It brings intimacy, fun, strength, and inspiration. The Rebozo has also brought a clinical level of support for encouraging optimal baby positioning and relieving pressure during late pregnancy and key birthing moments.

This six-hour workshop, taught by Emerald Doulas co-owner, Ashley Collins, is designed specifically for doulas, midwives and other childbirth professionals. You'll leave feeling capable of building deep connections with your clients; and in turn, feeling confident in helping them build deep connections with each other and their baby.

Ashley is the only certified Rebozo Instructor in North Carolina, and in the South Eastern United States. Her workshops are fun, funny, and meaningful and offer a unique way to learn about the Rebozo and the many ways it can impact a birthing experience. This is a must-take workshop for anyone who works with pregnant people. 


During each workshop you'll get:

  • A brief history of the rebozo and it's cultural importance
  • Demonstration of the Rebozo in live action
  • Specific instruction on how to use the Rebozo with your clients
  • Practice opportunities with class peers using the Rebozo for labor positions, relaxation and comfort measures
  • A Rebozo Certified™ logo for your website and other promotional material
  • An invitation to join the Rebozo Student Community Facebook Group
  • Six hours of continuing education credit from ICEA

This workshop is NOT about just teaching techniques. This class will share knowledge about how to use this fabric to provide strength, comfort, and relaxation to the laboring person and their partner. This class is not about turning babies. Birthing Peoples’ bodies and their babies know how to be born when they are made to feel relaxed and safe this primal knowledge comes easily. The Rebozo is there to provide the safety and support necessary to allow for this innate knowledge to show itself. We'll share ways to relax and comfort your clients enough to allow for the babe to find his or her own way in their own time.

There are currently no workshops planned for the remainder of 2017. If you would like to bring a workshop to your area, click below and email us to set that up!