Are you struggling to find peace around your birth story? Do you often feel painful emotions when you remember it or retell it? Are you told to “just be happy because you have a healthy baby!” when you try to share it with others?

Many parents feel the pain of having an undesirable or difficult birth experience. They often have nowhere to go with this hurt.  In our Birth Story Healing Workshop, facilitated by Lorraine Rocco, we hold your story with gentle awareness in a way that brings healing and peace.

When parents share their story they can find more freedom and ease on their parenting journey. Using mindfulness and a mind-body therapeutic technique called Focusing, we will listen deeply and stay with whatever arises. When we bring presence to difficult emotions, we create the space for healing to occur.

During this workshop, participants will first practice a guided meditation followed by the time and space to share their birth story, allowing them to listen more deeply to what is going on inside while they share. Then, basic focusing concepts and skills are taught, followed by journaling and an optional art creation time for further emotional exploration (using drawing, coloring, and clay work).

This workshop is limited to just Birthing People at this time. If partners are also interested, we can arrange for a separate group to support their needs.