Meet the Emerald Doula: 5 Questions with Kait Goodnight

Editor's Note: Meet one of the newest additions to the Emerald Doulas team! Postpartum Doula, Kait Goodnight, joined Team EmDo this winter. Kait brings humor, understanding, and a steady, easy-going energy to our clients . You can read her full bio on our "Meet the Team" page, and learn a few extra, fun tidbits below!

Postpartum Doula_DurhamNC

1. Give us a three word summary of who you are.

Hard-working.  Loyal.  Patient.

2. What drew you to a career as a doula?  

I love interacting with people and have long been drawn to working with people during important life decisions and changes, providing accurate information and options. I like being in the domestic environment, which I think should one of the most valued and supported spaces in everyone's life. 

Also, I just plain love holding babies, folding laundry, and tidying kitchens.  

3. What's rocking your world right now, in birth or in parenting? 

The Wonder Weeks (the book and the app). I have it on my phone and have traded thoughts on it with several parents. It is rather amazing how accurately the developmental leaps line up with babies' behavior. It explains those seemingly inexplicable changes in infant routines in relatable language, which makes it both a good educational AND reassurance tool for parents.  

4. When you're not doula-ing, where are we most likely to find you?

Cooking, while singing and dancing, and hanging out around my house with my wife and boys. 

5. What's your Top 5 Registry Must Haves for new parents?

  • Halo Sleep Sacks - great for swaddling AND unzip from the bottom making it easy to check diapers without totally stripping your baby down.
  • Rock and Play or some sort of slightly inclined sleeper - Works for tiny babies who don't like resting flat right after birth and for older babies who are awake for longer periods and like to look around the room!  Vibration feature is also a big plus.  
  • Puj Tub - great for newborn baths - is soft and flexible, holds a baby comfortably in a kitchen/ bathroom sink, and dries and stores flat.  You could probably even use it as a kneeling mat once an infant graduates to baths in the big tub!