This is not your typical, boring childbirth class and we don't subscribe to a one-size-fits all "method" or ideals! Our childbirth education classes offer a fun, interactive and comprehensive way to prepare for birth, no matter what your birth goals might include. Our students rave about this class! 

I loved how she (the facilitator) combined direct instruction with videos and activities that we did with our partners and some that we did as a class or in other combos. That is perfect for adult learning. It helped us review the info so it stuck, while giving us a chance to get to know the other classmates.
— Natalie W.

Whether you’re planning for a hospital, birth center or home birth, planning to go unmedicated, planning for an epidural as soon as possible, or aren't quite sure of your plans just yet, our childbirth class offer the evidence-based information you’ll need to feel confident during birth and make informed and sound decisions that are best for your family and your needs. We give you the tools, you decide which ones, and how to use them during your birth!

Participation in childbirth ed classes is capped at 12 people (or 6 couples) per series to give participants ample space and time to build connections with each other and to have their questions answered fully. Classes are held in our office and are offered in weekend sessions that are fun, highly interactive and tailored to each family's individual birthing goals. 

Our classes offer information about: 
Pregnancy | Anatomy & Physiology of Birth | Stages of Labor | Common Second Stage Interventions | Informed Consent | Hormones of Birth | Discomfort in Labor | Coping & Relaxation Techniques | Comfort Measures | Planning for Postpartum Success

Sign-up below to register for your choice of upcoming classes. Registration Fee is for a pregnant person, and the support person(s)* of their choosing. *Like all events we offer at Emerald Doulas, our classes are trans-inclusive and we affirm all families, regardless of how they are created. If your family includes more than one co-parent, or if you're bringing a baby into your family via surrogacy or adoption and would like to attend this class as a family unit, just let us know when you register.

It's important to note: ***The below registration is for a TWO DAY class, meeting on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. (The time you're choosing below is for the START time and day) ***

Don't see a date that works with your family's schedule? Ask about our private class options!

Not your first baby? Our private Birth Refresher classes offer our experienced parents a chance to brush up on their knowledge about birth and comfort measures before welcoming a new addition to their family. We know that seasoned parents are short on time, so our concise Birth Refresher class is just four hours and offers the same evidence-based information to help you feel confident and ready to greet your new baby. Email us if you are interested in this customized option!  

Image generously provided by Kallyn Boerner, of Heart and Hands Photography