Community Prenatal Meetings are an exclusive benefit for Emerald Doulas clients. Whether you're a birth, postpartum or sibling doula client, first time parents or experiencing parenthood again, Community Prenatal Meetings are a time to build connections and grow together.

We host a time and place for you to hear about your options, plan for your birth, and connect with other couples. We'll guide the conversation and you'll learn from us and each other. Each month we feature a different topic (topics not often covered in-depth during childbirth education or other prenatal education opportunities) on a variety of days and times so you can be sure to find a chance to attend. 

You're welcomed and encouraged to as many as you'd like, you prepare for birth and life with a newborn. These are your opportunities for the most in-depth preparation for your transition into parenthood and chance to build a deep relationship with your doula team. These meetings are hands-down the single, most talked about benefit of being a client at EmDo. Our clients rave about the connections they make and the information they learn and share together. 

We learned so much from the Community prenatal Meetings - things we would never have thought to ask about... I don’t think we would have had the wonderful birth experience we had without the knowledge we gained from the community meetings. It was also great to meet other expectant couples and benefit from the questions they asked and the experiences they shared.
— H.M.
We are also incredibly grateful for the community of doulas and parents that EmDo has created and continue to learn a lot both from the doulas and other new parents. EmDo provides a precious model of childbirth and parenting support.
— R.W.
Even as a second time mom I found the Community Prenatal Meetings a great refresher for preparing for birth and provided a warm supportive feeling of community. Having an opportunity to get to know all the doulas gave me the feeling that I had the whole team there to support me in preparing for birth and after. I was always impressed with how the doulas truly managed to create a judgement-free environment and provided great evidence based birth research. It was something I looked forward to each month!
— K.S.

2019 Community Prenatal Topics
August: Birth Planning
September: Physical Postpartum Recovery from Birth
w/ special guests from Grace Pelvic Health
October:  Postpartum Planning
November: Setting and Communicating Infant Feeding Goals
December: Integrating Pets & Babies
w/ special guests from Family Paws, LLC

2020 Community Penatal Meeting Topics
Making Informed Decisions
February: Balancing Your Goals w/ Advice from Friends & Family
March: Comfort Measures for Birth

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