Ashley has a love for the rebozo and for the way a single piece of fabric can seemingly weave deep connections between a doula and their client, a laboring person and their partner, and a partner with their baby. She's excited to share this passion for using the rebozo as an extension of ourselves with other childbirth professionals in and around North Carolina and other nearby states.

Ashley is currently the only certified Rebozo Instructor in North Carolina and the only one in entire South Eastern United States. Her workshops are fun, funny, meaningful and offer a unique way to learn about the Rebozo and the many ways it can impact a birthing experience. You DO NOT want to miss this workshop.

Below, you'll find information on how to host a workshop in your area, as well as information about how to use the workshop as a possible fundraiser for your professional organization or for a cause close to your heart. 

The Class
Ashley's standard offering is a six-hour workshop covering the history of the rebozo, basic instruction of rebozo techniques, and time for one-on-one instruction. This workshop gives participants six hours of continuing education credits through ICEA.

Why I need you!
Though born and raised in North Carolina, there are still parts of the state and the region that I am not yet very familiar. At each location outside of the Triangle, it is extremely helpful to have a knowledgeable pointperson with close relationships to local vendors, who can help pull off a smooth and productive workshop. 

Host Responsibilities
I greatly appreciate your interest in bringing me to your area to teach a workshop! Be prepared though, there is a lot of work to be done before a class can take place, and I rely heavily on Workshop Hosts to get this work done. The primary responsibility of the Workshop Hosts is to garner interest in the class and then to organize the workshop once there is sufficient interest (see minimum registration information below). 

Additional Workshop Host duties include:

  1. Registration

    • You will receive registration links and a link to the Rebozo class website. It is your responsibility to ensure the minimum number of participants sign up and pay their class fee (the minimum number of attendees varies based on location).
    • Promote the supplied Facebook event page and any relevant promotional materials.
  2. Location: 

    • Secure the workshop location. Be sure it is a place large enough for twenty or more participants; and has either carpeting, yoga mats or blankets available. Keep in mind that participants will be sitting, standing, lying down and kneeling.
    • Please email Ashley photos of the desired location, including measurements of the room we'll be using for the day.
    • If there a fee for the location, it is the responsibility of the Workshop Host.
  3. Food:

    • Organize food for the workshop. Typically, this is usually a potluck; please be sure to notify all attendees BEFORE the class to bring a potluck dish to share. 

  4. Deliveries:

    • Accept equipment deliveries via FedEx ahead of time, signature required. This usually happens a day or two before the class. FedEx will not leave the bags without a signature, even if you leave a note. Someone must be available to sign for them.
  5. Support:

    • Provide support for Ashley while she is in town- helping to organize a place to stay, food, transportation, etc. She may have her own travel plans and car, but will discuss this with the Workshop Host on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Set-up and Clean-up:

    • Help set up for the workshop the afternoon before. This usually takes 20 to 30 minutes.
    • Help breakdown and pack up after the workshop

Workshop Hosts Incentives As the Workshop Host, you will receive your workshop free of charge. This can be transferred to another person by arrangement (Other people helping or observing are subject to full course fees). If your location obtains more than 15 registrations, you will receive a handwoven Rebozo free of charge as well!

Fees and Costs for Fundraisers A a workshop host, you may choose to charge whatever you wish for the class in order to do fundraising or to pay facility or association fees. In addition, you or your organization may choose to subsidize the fee to lower the cost to participants. 

Ashley's fees are as follows:

  • Early Bird Tickets (Early Bird prices end 3 weeks before the event): $85
  • Couples/Client Tickets (You can choose to make 5 to 10 of these spaces available): $75
  • General Admission Tickets (for professionals): $100

Minimum Registration A minimum of 10 registrations in order to lock in a date, and will continue to offer dates as "available" until that minimum is met. A minimum of 15 registrations are required in order to hold a class. (This may be flexible depending on the workshop's distance from Durham, NC) To be counted toward the minimum, registrants must pay for advance tickets. If space is available at the location, additional tickets may be offered at the door. Class minimums may be flexible in cases where the potential exists to have more than one class in the area without additional travel (For example: If Ashley traveled to Charlotte, she could do subsequent classes in Boone, Statesville, etc.; lowering the class minimum for each class to 8).

Cancellation Policy Registration is non-refundable. In the case that minimums are not met, monies collected will be transferrable to a rescheduled date with the same host or will be refunded within 2-3 weeks of scheduled workshop date.

What's next? If this all sounds fun to you, then contact us to set up a date that is available and that will give you plenty of time to market to birth professionals in your area! Once your email is received, she will email you a written version of this Host Agreement to be mailed back to her prior to promoting the workshop.