New mothers need support. It's that simple. We know first-hand how rewarding and incredible, and yet, how challenging and isolating the first year of your baby's life can be. As you begin to navigate the world of motherhood (or starting over again with subsequent children), why not join others who are walking a similar life path as you?

New Mom's Group provides a safe, judgement-free opportunity to do just that. Meetings are always free and open to pregnant mothers and moms with infants under one year. 

At every meeting, you'll find a wealth of unconditional support and encouragement, helpful information, yummy snacks and friendship with other local new moms. Each month we'll spend a little time talking about a topic of interest, and then we'll spend time just catching up and checking in. Join us, begin to weave your net of support  and find your tribe. 

We meet each Third Saturday of every month, at 2 p.m. at our office where there is free parking and plenty of space for babies to crawl and play. No need to RSVP. Moms are welcome to come with baby or without. This, like all of our offerings,  is a trans-inclusive group and is open to anyone who identifies as a mother.

2019Meeting Dates and Topics:
January 19:
Postpartum Physical Recovery
February 16: Expectations vs. Reality of Maternity/Parental Leave
March 16: Self-care in Motherhood
April 20: Physical Recovery from Birth
May 18: Vacationing with Baby
June 15: Getting Into a Routine with Baby
July 20: Returning to Work After a Baby
August 17: Evolving Relationships During Postpartum
September 21: Processing Infant Feeding Experiencing
October 19: Body Image After Motherhood
November 16: What's Normal In Newborn Sleep?
NO DECEMBER MEETING: Join us at our Annual Holiday Party instead!