New Dad's Meet-Up is a place for local dads to navigate through fatherhood together. Meet-ups give New Dads and Soon-To-Be Dads the chance to socialize, support, and learn from each other in whatever stage of life you're in right now. 

Meetings are held the fourth Saturday of each month at 2 p.m at The Accordion Club, and are free or very low-cost (plus cost of beverages!).  New Dads Group, a peer-to-peer support group, facilitated by local fathers from within the Emerald Doulas Community , but the general discussion and flow of each meeting is led by the group.

Meetings are open to any soon-to-be dad, or new dad and you do not have to be a client of Emerald Doulas to attend! Dads are welcome (and encouraged!) to bring baby to each meet-up. This, like all of our offerings, is a trans-inclusive group and is open to anyone who identifies as a father.

Currently, our New Dads Support Group is on hold while we search for new group leaders! If you’re a local new dad who’d like to be a leader, contact us today to find out more!