Emerald Doulas was born out of the need to create a cohesive, personalized, inclusive community for new and expectant families in and around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding Triangle cities.

Combining their years of experience supporting and nurturing new parents and their newborns, owners Melanie Patrick and Ashley Collins are proud to offer the area’s most comprehensive and professional birth and postpartum support business. 

Why Emerald Doulas? 

Emeralds are a precious gemstone (the State Gem of North Carolina, in fact), which are long thought to promote love and hope, and quiet an anxious or troubled mind. Emeralds can be used to bridge the hearts of two people together and are also said to bring wisdom and reason to their wearers.

Like our namesake, our gentle guidance and nurturing eases the minds of new parents, who are faced with many decisions before, during, and after birth. Emerald Doulas strive to be a collaborative part of your birth and postpartum care, never replacing your partner or family; but rather, adding an addition level of care for you when you need it the most.

We simplify and enhance the lives of new parents, whether this is your first or your fifth new baby. Because we offer extensive support options for pregnancy through the first year, all under one business and with one phone call, your new family can rely on our web of comprehensive and professional support. It's unlike anything else offered in the Triangle, and it's so much more than doula support, alone. Really. 

Emerald Doulas clients feel cared for, valued, heard, and most importantly, bonded as a family, as you navigate through the tender moments of early parenthood.