Having a newborn can be incredible and incredibly exhausting. Our postpartum doulas are the best kept secret for your early days of parenthood.

Why hire a postpartum doula?

We are your personal guide through the Fourth Trimester. Just like in birth, your postpartum doula is an extra layer of support during one of the most vulnerable, raw, and incredible points in your life. We help you learn to navigate life with a new baby, normalize the overwhelming experiences, help you recognize when and how to reach out for extra support, and tame the chaos and clutter that newborns can sometimes bring along. Plus, we do it all while providing nurturing, supportive care for your entire family, and while building your confidence in your new role as a parent.

We help you thrive, not just survive, in your postpartum experience.

What does that support look like?

We take the time to get to know you, as people and as new parents, deeply listening to your story, your questions, and your concerns, and provide you with evidence-based information and guidance so you can make the best decisions possible for your family. We’ll even help take care of the daily household necessities so you can focus on recovering from birth and/or bonding with your new baby. From meal preparation and light housework to sibling and infant care, our postpartum doulas help you create space and time to do what's important to you in the moment. 

Our postpartum doulas can even provide on-call, in-hospital support immediately following birth while your partner goes home to rest or care for older children (Note: On-call support requires an additional fee). This service provides early breastfeeding or infant feeding guidance and positioning help, and support as you begin to physically (and/or emotionally) begin to recover from birth.

How does it work?

Postpartum doula care is available in daytime shifts (4-hour minimum), or longer overnight visits (8-hour minimum). We can provide ongoing care over the first weeks or months, helping your family establish and maintain systems for postpartum success and maximize your rest; or we can provide single, one-time shifts which help fill the gaps between friends’ and family members’ supportive visits.

In either case, our support allows your entire family to be cared for by reliable, skilled, competent, and compassionate hands, especially when you need them the most.

Our professional doulas are highly trained and experienced with all family and parenting styles, whether you're welcoming home one or more than one newborn. All of our doulas are thoroughly background checked, up-to-date on vaccinations and insured, so you can be sure that your family is receiving the highest quality of care possible. Plus, they receive on-going mentorship and trainings throughout their time on our team.

Specialized care available for your family’s unique needs.

Our doula care is also instrumental for families who are recovering from or who are experiencing a postpartum mood struggle, or who are anticipating a transition home from the NICU following birth. Our doulas are experts in caring for the emotional needs of parents battling depression, anxiety or other mood challenges, and are familiar with the unique, specialized needs of preemie/NICU newborns.

Postpartum doula support allows for the small details of your household to be attended to, while long-term overnight support allows you to focus on your own critical needs, or the needs of your partner. 

We also recognize that not all families are created through a birthing experience.

We honor and welcome families of surrogacy and adoption, as well as LGBTQ and chosen families. No matter how your family was created, we are ready to meet you where you are and support your individual needs and goals.

All postpartum doula client support includes:

  • Focus on restorative and compassionate support for the family

  • Breastfeeding/Bottlefeeding Support

  • Parent and Baby Bonding Guidance

  • Infant Soothing Advice

  • Basic Babywearing Advice (Or, referrals for specialized care if needed)

  • Basic Newborn Care

  • Access to our extensive lending library of DVDs, books, baby carriers, breastfeeding pillows and more

  • Big Sibling Transition Guidance (if needed)

  • Invitations to our monthly Community Prenatal Meetings

  • Registry and Nursery Set-up Guidance

  • Sibling Care so parents can bond with new baby

  • Newborn care so parents can bond with older siblings

  • NICU Transition Support (if needed)

  • Errand Running

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Baby Laundry

  • Meal and Snack Preparation

What’s the cost?

Postpartum Doula Support is offered hourly at $40 per hour.

Planning ahead? Make your babymoon is as restorative as possible!

We offer the following packages that allow you take advantage of all that postpartum doula support can offer your family with a small savings off the per-hour cost when paid in full at time of hire. Postpartum doula support is available in 4-hour minimums per daytime shift, or 8-hour minimum per nighttime shift).

If these packages don't quite fit the needs of your family, contact us for a customized quote.

The Ruby Package (72 hours):

72 hours, used anytime in the first few weeks following birth. This package helps you welcome your newborn home with a little extra support during the early days with your baby. Your doula can help get you and your entire family settled into your new roles, cook nutritious, healthy meals or help you meal plan and prep snacks, teach you infant soothing techniques and answer baby care questions, provide you with a chance to recover or nap, and build your confidence as new parents. Click here to purchase this package online.

The Opal Package (144 hours):

This package will ensure you’re off to a great start with breastfeeding, bonding and recovery. The flexibility of day or night doula support allows us to respond to your needs with efficiency and consistency. The Opal package also offers the same confidence building that our Ruby Package offers and while also helping to maximize your sleep. Click here to purchase this package online. 

Tanzanite Package (288 hours):

This is a wonderful option for parents who want dedicated, expert help after welcoming a new baby into their family. Your doula team will help ease the transition home by assisting you in setting up routines that will make day-to-day life a little easier, or they can provide you with a regular break for naps and time for yourself. This package is also a favorite among our second-time parents, who want to get as much sleep as possible during the nights allowing them to be present for their older children during the day. Click here to purchase this package online. 

Ready to book postpartum doula support for your family?

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Want complete support
before baby & beyond?

Our comprehensive Emerald Package helps you establish a cornerstone for a restorative and luxurious welcome to Parenthood. With lasting benefits for your entire family, the Emerald Package provides: Birth Doula Support, 24 hours of Postpartum Doula Care, and your choice of Placenta Services or a Lactation Package.