Preparing for life with your new baby should go well beyond swaddles and bottles. What about the rest of the details for your life following your baby's arrival? What about you, the parents, as people? Your mood, your relationship with your partner and/or other children, your home... 

In this unique offering specifically for pregnant and expecting parents, we'll address those details (the large and the small) of postpartum life and help you get set-up for success. You'll be able to enjoy your baby's first few weeks with confidence and ease. Learn about the risk-factors for a perinatal mood disorder, and how you can plan for the support you will need in those early days, and how you can connect to resources ahead of time, if you need it following birth.

You CAN thrive in New Parenthood, not just survive!

Join experienced postpartum doula and perinatal mood support specialist, Courtney Cole Scott, for this workshop and receive practical, evidence based information about:

Perinatal Mood Challenges | Local Resources | The Emotional, Physical and Practical Needs of Postpartum Parents | Postpartum Recovery Tips Following Birth| How Partners Can Support One Another | Communication Within A Relationship After Birth |
How To Set-Up Your Home To Easily Care For Yourself and Your Baby

Like all events we offer at Emerald Doulas, our classes are trans-inclusive and we affirm all families, regardless of how they are created. If your family includes more than one co-parent, or if you're bringing a baby into your family via surrogacy or adoption and would like to attend this class as a family unit, just let us know when you register (at no additional cost).