Want a fun, indulgent date night with your partner before your new baby arrives? Whether you are looking for a unique way to connect deeply with one another before and during your birth, or you’re searching for supplemental information about comfort measures and relaxation for labor, this two-hour experience provides the sweetest opportunity to do so. Using a rebozo, you’ll find space to communicate your needs with one another, and learn how to anticipate your partner’s needs before they’re even asked. You’ll learn ways to bring relaxation, strength and comfort to the laboring partner and help find ways for you both to be involved in the experience, enabling you to connect to each other and your new baby.

Sign-up below for your choice of upcoming classes. Your registration fee includes registration for one pregnant person and the support person of their choosing*, a handwoven rebozo to keep, & decadent desserts from a local bakery and sparkling cider.   *Like all events we offer at Emerald Doulas, our classes are trans-inclusive and we affirm all families, regardless of how they are created. If your family includes more than one co-parent, or if you're bringing a baby into your family via surrogacy or adoption and would like to attend this class as a family unit, just let us know when you register.