Birth is an exciting time, full of big changes for your entire family. Sibling doulas provide consistency, dependable care for your older children, and peace of mind for you during birth. 

When it’s time to welcome your new baby, sibling doula support offers unlimited, expert care and emotional reassurance for your older children during birth (either in your home or at your birth location). This support includes invitations to our Community Prenatal Meetings, as well as a two-hour “date night” visit where your sibling doulas provide the childcare, to give your children a chance to get to know them better and put them at ease, and to help your team to become better acquainted with your family’s schedule and needs.

When the time comes, you’ll have qualified and competent on-call care for your children during your labor and birth, no matter when your new baby arrives. As time allows, your sibling doula will provide household organization support such as meal preparation and tidying, laundry, and general assistance to ensure your older children have a positive memory of the day their younger sibling is born. Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind so that you’re better able to focus on the important work of giving birth. 

Sibling support is offered at $1200* for 24 hours of in-person support. This time includes 5 hours immediately following birth, allowing travel time for friends or family to assume care for your older children during your postpartum in-patient stay. Additional time is always available, and is provided at an hourly rate beyond the initial 24 hours.

*This rate increases to $1400 for families with three or more older children in the home during the time of sibling doula care.