Your baby has important work to do in pregnancy and in labor!

Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth, as well as all the ways you can help your baby’s positioning during pregnancy, enabling you both to have an easier laboring experience.

What’s Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies Parent Class Durham NC

Spinning Babies® is an approach to childbirth that focuses not just on dilation of the birthing person, but also the position of their baby during pregnancy and labor. Using principles of balance, gravity, and movement, parents are able to encourage their baby’s natural movements and rotation in birth with more ease and comfort.

What’s the Spinning Babies® Parents Class?

This three-hour class was created just for expectant parents! Daily lifestyles of our modern world make an impact to the physiology of our bodies over time. This impact can influence the position of our baby during pregnancy, and as a result, influence their position during birth. Learn why head down isn’t always enough!

During this class you’ll learn so much about your baby’s position, be able to map their movements in your belly (a sweet way to bond with your baby before birth!), learn techniques to help your pelvis and corresponding soft tissues have coordinated movement, flexibility and softness, learn how the optimal ways a baby passes through your pelvis, and learn how, when used together, all of this helps “make room for baby!” and as a result, you may have an easier, shorter birthing experience.

Yes, really!

Have you already taken a childbirth class?

Great! The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is not a comprehensive childbirth class, but it is a beautiful supplement to any childbirth method you’ve previously taken, and is an excellent refresher for second-time parents. You’ll learn more information about ways you can improve your chances of an easier childbirth through positioning and movement. Plus, we’ll cover the levels of the pelvis and how your baby rotates and passes through each level, and how you can help them get into the most optimal position before birth begins. We’ll even cover things you can do if your birth is especially long, painful, or “stalls” for a period of time.

It’s helpful if you have a basic understanding or overview of the childbirth process, so taking this class after your childbirth class of choice is preferred (our Modern Childbirth Series and our VBAC Preparation Class already includes this information built into the curriculum!)

When should you take this class?

Ideally, you will take this class after week 20 in your pregnancy and before week 34 to allow yourself time to learn and practice the techniques each day. But! If you’re already at your due date or you’re a few weeks earlier than week 20, please don’t hesitate to register! You’ll still find value in the information we cover, even if you only use it in labor.

Let’s sum it up! During each three-hour class, we’ll cover:

Daily Essentials exercises | How to Rest Smart and Move Smart in pregnancy and in birth for more optimal fetal positioning | How to bring balance to your body and to your pelvis for birth | Basic anatomy of the pelvis, muscles and ligaments that play a role in birth | The levels of the pelvis and how your baby rotates through each level | Variations of labor patterns and what you can do to help

Sign-up below to register for your choice of upcoming classes. Registration Fee is for a pregnant person, and the support person(s)* of their choosing. Like all events we offer at Emerald Doulas, our classes are trans-inclusive and we affirm all families, regardless of how they are created. If your family includes more than one co-parent, or if you're bringing a baby into your family via surrogacy or adoption and would like to attend this class as a family unit, just let us know when you register.

*A note to fellow birth professionals: This class is designed just for expectant parents. If you’re interested in the information presented in this class, we’d love to work with you to bring a professional training to our area soon! Just send us an email and we’ll help make it happen!

Don’t see a class that fits your schedule?

Private classes are available at your home, or in our office. Email us to set that up. We’d be happy to bring Spinning Babies to you.

Image generously provided by Kallyn Boerner of Heart in Hands NC.