TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) provides a gentle, non-medicinal option for relieving the discomfort of labor.


Using a compact, portable TENS Unit in labor helps you maintain your freedom of movement throughout early and active labor. Many birthing people find it especially helpful for the fatigue and tenderness of "Back Labor" symptoms. Using a TENS Unit gives you a safe alternative comfort measure, that you control and use in birth for long periods of time. 

Rental Information and Details

Fee for TENS Kit rentals is $65 + tax. Reservations for units can be made beginning at 36 weeks. Renters are refunded $30 ($40 for clients of Emerald Doulas) when the TENS Kit is returned competed and in good condition.

Your rental fee includes: One Obi TENS unit with easy-release neck cord, one lead wire, four reusable electrode pads (replaced new between clients), four AAA batteries, and instruction manual, and a carrying pouch. All rentals also include a short tutorial by an Emerald Doula trained in the use of TENS for labor.