"What is a day in the life of a Postpartum Doula?"

First, she will quietly knock on your door at the designated time for her shift to begin with you. She will enter, remove her shoes, wash her hands and sit with you and your partner to talk about whatever is on your mind. She will ask how is feeding going, night wakings and nap times, when was the parents last nap time and meal and what things are on the "hot" list to be done. She will get you settled into a nap, shower or snack and get baby snuggled down and then she will move about the house tidying, taking out trash, doing baby laundry or helping with the shopping list and dinner preparation. When ready, she will demonstrate any baby care and soothing techniques you want to know, discuss with you developmentally appropriate things to do with your baby or just listen while you talk about how hard this parenting thing really is! Once the shift is over, she will leave the house better than when she arrived, and parents refreshed and feeling confident that they can do this!