We know you're busy. Between preparing for birth, reading all the books, and getting your nursery perfectly perfect, there's not a lot of time to think about life at home after your baby arrives.

We're here to help!

Want to know everything there is to know about bringing home your baby, from swaddling to feeding? Our Infant Feeding and Newborn Care class is one of the best and most thorough options offered to new parents in the Triangle, hands down. We combine breastfeeding/infant feeding and baby care basics into a single, three-hour, totally inclusive option! This fun, unique class includes all of the practical, goals-based information and hands-on practice with the convenience you've come to expect from Emerald Doulas. 

Join experienced postpartum doula, Briana Smith, in this one-of-a-kind class that will give you hands-on, practical experience with newborn care AND help you feel confident and prepared to feed your baby. Plus! These classes feature an optional 1-hour Q&A at the end of class with a recent "alumni" family from the Emerald Doulas Community. Families are on-hand to share their postpartum stories and real-life experiences with their newborns, as well as provide their best tips on making the most of your fourth trimester. 

 Like all events we offer at Emerald Doulas, our classes are trans-inclusive and we affirm all families, regardless of how they are created. If your family includes more than one co-parent, or if you're bringing a baby into your family via surrogacy or adoption and would like to attend this class as a family unit, just let us know when you register.

This class offers information (and demonstrations) on:
Expectations for the first days and weeks with your newborn | Normal newborn sleep | Swaddling | Diapering | Soothing your newborn(s) | Preparation for breastfeeding | Partner support | Basic supplies for breastfeeding | Hunger cues | Comfortable breastfeeding & bottlefeeding positions | Getting a good latch | Common difficulties and solutions | Safe milk storage | Local resources | Safe formula and bottle preparation

**Note: Childbirth Education students receive 20% off the registration price. Email us for the discount code if you want to register for both classes at once, otherwise, the code will be emailed to CBE students prior to their class date. This discount cannot be combined with the EmDo client discount.